Supra III

Driving simulator which allies comfort and sensationss

Supra III is the most recent driving simulator of EDISER. Extremely robust with an effective design, it allies comfort and sensations.

With 4 hydraulic cylinders, the driver station is movable restoring the driving sensations both in the movements to the acceleration to the braking and in the engine vibrations.

The dissociated driving simulator screening system allows very large screens installation (38 inch) for a better dumping in the imaging.
The quality and the precision of its 3D imaging as well as relevant of its educational contents allow the user a fast acquisition of actions and movements to be mastered to drive a vehicle.

It gets back all elements of realistic vehicle with electric force feedback in steering wheel, complete lights switch, an adjustable car seat and a manual gear shift 5 speeds + reverse gear.

This automotive driving simulator is customizable in your colours.

Size and weight

  • Height = 145 cm
  • Length = 175 cm
  • Width (screens folded) = 69 cm
  • Width (screens unfolded) = 220 cm
  • Weight = 150 kg

Data sheet

  • 37 cm steering wheel with electric force feedback
  • Steering wheel adjustable in height with 3 positions
  • Instruments panel (main beam headlights, indicators light, horn, windscreen wiper …)
  • Ignition key
  • Clutch, brake, accelerator with 3 potentiometers
  • Gear shift 5 speeds + reverse gear (automatic gear shift in software)
  • Handbrake
  • 3 points safety belt with detection
  • Adjustable seat in height and depth
  • 3 axis motion platform with 4 dynamics hydraulic cylinders
  • Only one dissociated screen stander from driving station equipped with three 38 inch screens.


Poste de conduite avec véritable volant (37cm)
supra 3
3 écrans 38 pouces pour une vision large de 2.20 mètres.
Immersion importante du conducteur dans l'image
supra 3
Ceinture de sécurité, frein à main et levier de vitesse comme sur un vrai véhicule.
Magnifique simulateur reproduisant tous les mouvements lés à la conduite

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