Simu-Supra Range

A driving simulator which combines comfort and sensations

SIMU-SUPRA” is designed to reproduce the real position on a generic vehicle. It is the latest addition to the EDISER simulators. This range is extremely robust and have an innovative design. It is fitted with a motion base powered by D-Box actuators, thus combines comfort and accurate driving feeling. The viewing system is equipped with 3 LCD large screens (from 32 to 38 inches) which gives a better immersion as well.

It can be customized with logos and colors of your choice.

Simu-Supra: without Motion Base
Simu-Supra II: motion base with 2 D-Box actuators and pneumatic cylinder
Simu-Supra motion base with 4 D-box actuators

Size and weight

  • Height = 145 cm
  • Length = 175 cm
  • Width (screens folded) = 69 cm
  • Width (screens unfolded) = 220 cm
  • Weight = 150 kg


Poste de conduite avec véritable volant (37cm)
supra 3
3 écrans 38 pouces pour une vision large de 2.20 mètres.
Immersion importante du conducteur dans l'image
supra 3
Ceinture de sécurité, frein à main et levier de vitesse comme sur un vrai véhicule.
Magnifique simulateur reproduisant tous les mouvements lés à la conduite

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