Simu PL High-End Truck and Bus - Simulator

The leading simulator in Europe for truck drivers training

Ediser “high end Simu-PL” is an efficient and innovative truck and bus driving simulator intended for novice as well as experienced or professional drivers training. It is an easy-to-use compact simulator mounted on a Dynamic Motion Platform (Optional) and fitted with an immersive visual system and sophisticated computer and Tablet PC to manage the software. It’s an advanced driving simulator with modified cockpit and driving station with active Renault Truck Premium OEM Parts. The “Simu-PL” simulator is suitable for driving license training, professional driver’s periodic training (initial and on-going training), for eco-driving, road traffic safety but also driver refresher courses and many other purpose…

“Ediser Simu-PL” is in accordance with the EU DIRECTIVE 2003/59/EC and have official approval and homologation in several countries.

The Simu-PL is fitted with many optional features such as :
- External Mirrors built-in Monitor Displays (see pictures)
- A physic hardware dashboard
-  An accurate Eye-Tracking System to enhance driver training and instructor’s analysis and teachings.

Size and weight

When the simulator is placed, here are its dimensions:

  • Length: 300 cm
  • Station width: 105 cm (dismantled to pass through the doors of 80 cm)
  • Height: 195 cm
  • Screens width: 300 cm
  • Weight: 350 Kg

The simulator only requires a ground useful space of 12 M² to be spread and 20 minutes to be installed. It gets through the doors of 80 cm (standard).


Compliant software





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