“Interested in a demonstration? Simply contact us…”

Simulation is increasingly taking its place in training field. It is a real and innovative way to combine profitability and pedagogy. All the keys being in its operating mode.

Driving simulator-based training give many advantages and benefits! Either the training center and training instructors or the trainees: all can take a big advantage of the Simulators.

Ediser Simulators are considered like training tools improving:

  • The training efficiency and quality
  • The Instructor expertise, capabilities and possibilities
  • The trainees or driver’s skills and driving behavior (by enriching and accelerating the learning)
  • The training center’s reputation and rentability

We offer on-site demonstration on simple request. To arrange that please contact us or our distributor located in your country.

Usually a Simulator demonstration lasts around 1h30 or 2h and will cover the following points:

  • General presentation of the simulator
  • Discovery of the software
  • Pedagogical advantages of the Simulator-based training
  • Financial R.O.I and profitability of the Simulator-based training
  • Sales Terms (shipment, delivery; training, warrant conditions, etc …)

If you are interested by a simulator demonstration: Please click on "Click and Demo" button and fulfil the form and one of our advisors will contact you to confirm the date and the meeting.